Peace of Mind

  • Data and machines are always protected against disasters in real-time and even during operation.
  • Physically secured against natural disasters, theft, and vandalism.

Cost Savings

  • Reduce cooling costs by an estimated 90% (only a small volume of the EGDS needs to be cooled, does not need chillers, does not need CRAC).
  • Reduce the number of cooling fans required for cooling computer components and air handling systems.
  • Allow a much greater use of waterside economizer free cooling (another 70% energy saving).
  • Save on construction costs.


  • Vertical scale: single server to 40-U EGDS.
  • Horizontal scale: based on the needs as they arrived, no overbuilt.

Private Cloud/Datacenter

  • Full physical security protections
  • Eliminate the need to build expensive datacenter infrastructures (i.e. EGDS can be placed anywhere, even in a regular office space since its heavily built structure gives it an extremely low noise profile).
  • Eliminate the need to have a special fire protection system within the data center.
  • Bring datacenter technologies and securities to home users, SMBs, and large enterprises at an affordable price
  • Accommodate all existing commercially available computer hardware’s

Ecologically Green

  • Significantly and continuously reduce the energy consumption of IT equipment, thus reducing the carbon footprint.
  • The EGDS can be easily reused/recycled as computer technology changes due to its open hardware designs.