The physical protection features of our Eco-Green Data Safe (EGDS) enclosures are based on well-proven technologies found in regular fireproof and waterproof safes that have been widely used for nearly 200 years. Because the EGDS is an environmentally sealed enclosure, heat generated from the computer hardware must be constantly removed from the EGDS. To effectively remove the heat buildup, H2Tran has designed a cooling system that utilizes liquids to remove the accumulated heat within the EGDS. In conjunction with the effective liquid cooling coil (an infinite heat sink), H2Tran also employs heat pipes to directly remove heat from heat generating components: the CPU and GPU.


All of our EGDS models accommodate open/standard computer hardware designs, especially with all the 19” rack-mounted components commonly found in datacenters and IT enterprises. With the integration of a liquid cooling coil into a fireproof/waterproof safe, the following benefits are realized. At the same time, it will revolutionize the computer industry, particularly for small and medium businesses (SMBs) and datacenters:

Peace of Mind

  • Data and machines are always protected against disasters in real-time and even during operation.
  • Physically secured against theft and vandalism.

Cost Savings

  • Reduce cooling costs by an estimated 80% due to the fact that only a small volume of the EGDS needs to be cooled in comparison to an entire computer room.
  • Reduce the number of cooling fans required for cooling computer components and air handling systems.
  • Allow a much greater use of waterside economizer free cooling, which can reduce cooling plant energy use by another 70%.
  • Eliminate the need to build expensive datacenter infrastructures (i.e. EGDS can be placed anywhere, even in a regular office space since its heavily built structure gives it an extremely low noise profile.
  • Eliminate the need to have a special fire protection system within the data center.
  • Prolong the useful life and enhance computing performance of computer hardware due to efficient cooling techniques (i.e. cooling to sub-zero temperatures without condensation is possible).
  • Bring datacenter technologies and securities to home users, SMBs, and large enterprises at an affordable price.

Ecologically Green

  • Significantly and continuously reduce the energy consumption of IT equipment, thus reducing the carbon footprint.
  • The EGDS can be easily reused/recycled as computer technology changes due to its open designs.